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What we do


Tieps Ltd is a leading source of high quality products, solution-oriented and value-added services for industry and professionals.

We cooperate with well recognized and respected brands and work closely with reliable manufacturers.

This cooperation network, combined with our experienced team, allows us to answer our customer's requirements with competence and to provide the support they need, wherever they need it and whatever the size of their organization.

Our expertise spans different fields and our respect of the value drives us to never be mere generalists, but the best at what we do.

With a unique focues on the efficiency of our products and flexibility of our services, we want to be more than a supplier, we want to be a partner, because this gives us more options to create value.

By embracing a core set of principles, like reliability, honesty, competence and quality, we are sure to achieve a long-term cooperation with customers, withstanding the test of time.



What we offer


-Transparent, clear and open form of communication.

-Positive and result-oriented way of cooperation.
-On time and professional replies.
-Before and after sale service, 24/24 hours, 7/7 days.
-Respect of the delivery times and of the customers expectations.



What we care about


-Application of strict rules to the quality controls at our manufacturers facilities.
-Occupational health and safety at our manufacturers premises.
-Control that the manufacturing processes are carried on in the respect of the environment.



How we work


-We always disclose where the products come from, because we want that you know clearly what's the products origin.
-We highlight what are the products features, advantages and possible disadvantages, depending on your specific application.
-We suggest you to inspect samples before placing any orders, so you can be sure that you will get the right product.
-We give a fair price commensurate to the quality you need and to your requirements.
-We ensure that you get the value you have paid for, without any unwelcome surprise.




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Gainsborough House  

Sheering Lower Road


CM21 9FL

United Kingdom



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