Sourcing & Purchasing services



Research, sourcing and purchasing of existing products, according to customer's requirements, sample or drawing.



Design, sourcing and purchasing of new bespoke products and realization of customized solutions.

Our sourcing & purchasing services are complete processes including:


- Identification of a need

- Price, quality and performance consideration

- Manufacturers evaluation

- Study of possible alternatives

- Ultimate selection of product and manufacturer

- Achievement of customer satisfaction

Companies in every industry are outsourcing their manufacturing needs overseas. Cost efficiency is an obvious advantage of outsourcing to other countries, but the risks and challanges are less obvious and can't be overseen. Outsourcing overseas means also overcoming a variety of barriers, like time, distance and culture.


We vet and identify the best quality manufacturers and production talents. We find the right factory for our customer's needs in our network of manufacturers, ensuring that the products come in on time, on budget and to customer's specifications.


We provide product support and evaluation, in order to be sure that the product complies with relevant standards and requirements. We promote product development and enhancement, through a solid understanding of our customer business.


Thanks to our trading strategies, we help our customers to improve their purchasing power and to reduce their purchasing costs. We work on solutions for our customers' growth, diversification and innovation.


Knowing our customers, understanding their requirements and predicting their true needs will allow us to deliver them satisfaction. In order to better serve our customers, we not only must have a clear understanding of what they need, but also the means and passion to fulfil those needs. We desire to communicate and interact with our customers to identify and implement effective ways to create more value for them. We recognize that customers loyalty doesn't happen by chance.



Small or large, your request will be met with expert advice, individual attention and innovative solutions. Contact us and discover all we have to offer. Our qualified staff looks forward to serving you!

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